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Brand Introduction: Goro’s Silver Jewelry in Tokyo, Japan

Known as the Japanese fashion industry’s immortal myth, since its inception has become a Japanese fashion celebrity respected brand of silverware. Goro’s, founded by the Japanese Goro’searly in the 1960’s, with exquisite silverware, combined with the design of traditional Indian technology, Goro’s Jewelry Price, the only selling shop in Goro’s jewelry, in Tokyo, Japan, has drawn a list of all Japanese brand supporters out of long snakes every day from early to late. The unique masterpiece of the silverware industry. This week we decided to elaborate on the charm of the Super silverware brand by taking advantage of the official debut of Goro’s brand album, “Yellow EAGLE”.

Experience of learning for half a lifetime a life with 100% ancient Indian silver technology legendary staff: Craftsman Goro TAKAHASHI

As a super-popular representative of the Japanese silverware brand, to understand the GORO’s more than 40-year charm, first of all, of course, first of all to know the GORO’s founder of the legend: the 68-year-old Goro (GORO TAKAHASHI), was born in Tokyo in 1939, Japanese gas brand GORO’s founder, Goro Takahashi Jewelry, because of his lifelong passion for making silverware ornaments, as a young man, he has traveled abroad many times, followed the Indians to experience life, devoted himself to the study of the ancient Indian silver technology, gained some of the know-how of making the technology, and cooperated with the fine craftsmanship of his hand-made silverware technology in the 60 ‘s named Kangoro (GORO) by his own name. Its own brand, sold its Goro ‘ s silverware in Japan.

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Thanks to the technical heritage of the Indians, GORO’s production was also designed around the traditions of the ancient Indian Nation, which was the most revered Eagle mark (Yellow eagle), Is Goro’s so produced, the most used classic pattern, because the Indian people always think that the eagle is the world’s highest flying animal, also feel that the eagle is the only thing in the world can be closely connected with the Earth, so has been the highest reverence, plus Goro’s production itself is because of the Indian nation’s technology to inherit the opportunity to appear, so eventually Takahashi Kangoro also use the eagle as its brand forever mark. Goro’s Feather Necklace. In addition to the technology for making Indian patterned silverware, Goro in his experience of life, also got the Indian at that time another traditional silver recipe, so that he made 925 sterling silver, with unconventional silver produced all the silver color, and after a long time with the belt, All the Goro’s will be converted into a grayish-black silver, thanks to the combination of this ancient technology, Goro’s success in the world’s fashion/silverware industry.

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GORO was born in Japan earlier than in the 60 ‘s, 1966, at that time, the Goro, originally in Tokyo Qingshan District sold their hands as a single product, because the use of Indian elements produced silver accessories in Japan is very rare, so its fine gorgeous silver production will quickly spread the whole of the Tokyo Fashion Circle, more attention. Goro found that his work was so popular, and then decided in 1971 in Tokyo, Japan, Goro’s Online Store, the original hostel table, opened its first Goro’s silverware shop, due to its name in just a few years red throughout the whole of Japan, and Goro’s production is limited to the sale of the Tokyo Special store relationship, Gradually become a lot of businessmen’s speculative objects. In view of this, Goro decided to sell only his own products to the supporters who really loved his craft, and the special store would be more than 4 people to select the goods each time, but also limited to the purchase of the appropriate size of the silverware, and immediately after payment to wear away, because greatly increased the difficulty of starting, This makes the name of the production of the market more rare, and again great attention, the speculative series has become more interest, Since the beginning of the Goro’s Omotesando special store daily long queues, the list of snakes more across from the shop to the closing moment before the complete dissipation, among the guests from Japan and overseas, and the wind and rain in decades. Goro’s Online Shop. It is worth mentioning, and Goro’s traditional style of operation is completely different from the general sale and purchase of shops, they in addition to the provision of only 4 customers per return to visit outside, more emphasis on direct communication between the brand and guests, in order to match the field with the guests of the personality of the Goro’s Style ornaments for selling points: Simply put, if they think the guest style or overall temperament is not suitable to wear a certain Goro’s production, even if you can pay a few times the price, they will not sell you that silver, this rare and unique way of business, for many years has become a Goro ‘ The representative symbol of S. Also, GORO’s charm, in addition to being spread out around the world, Japan’s national fashion industry alone has been listed as rare handicraft silverware, it is heard that the Japanese pawn shop is more regarded as a Goro’s production as a mortgage, the assessment of the silver produced by the Goro, has been equivalent to the same gold ornaments can be a permanent value.