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How to distinguish the texture of the wool blanket?

Best wool blankets

A wool blanket is a blanket made of wool, which is breathable. When a person lies on the top of weighted blanket 20 lbs, the pores between the fibers under the wool form an air flow layer, which will provide the ideal constant temperature for the human body during sleep, which is beneficial to improve the quality of sleep.

What are the advantages of sheep blankets?

1. Warmth

Due to its excellent insulation and breathability, wool is recognized as the best thermal insulation material. It not only keeps warm but also regulates hot and cold.

2. Moisture resistance

Because the wool is tubular, it absorbs moisture from moist air and absorbs sweat from the skin.

3. Health care

  • The warmth, breathability and moisture resistance of wool can be very effective for patients with arthritis and rheumatism.
  • At the same time, the thick wool is rich in elasticity, and the surface of the fur is soft and soft, which can disperse the pressure on the human skin, especially the bulging part of the bone.
  • When the body weight is rotated, the wool blanket has a certain massage effect, stimulating the capillaries, which is beneficial to improve the blood circulation of the skin, and has a certain alleviating effect on muscle fatigue and joint pain.
  • The fiber gap of the fur can absorb and diffuse the sweat and oil excreted by the human skin, help the skin’s metabolism and enhance the ability to resist skin diseases.

4. Decorative

The bright color of the woolen skin has a strong decorative effect, which makes the furniture look rich and gorgeous. The fur has entered the family and has become the modern home fashion.


Machine-washable blankets in colorfast wool won’t shrink, fade or pill. Made with naturally renewable wool, they also pass strict standards of sustainability, leaving the smallest possible impact on our earth. In neutral solids, they’re easy to match in any room. Whipstitched edges.

• Twin is 66″ x 96″; Queen is 90″ x 96″; King is 108″ x 96″
• Twin size fits extra-long beds, perfect for college dorm rooms
• Pure virgin wool
• Machine wash and dry
• Made in USA

Classification of wool blankets

1. Shearing blanket

The overall hair quality is fine and uniform, the hair is uniform, the hand feels full, and the rebound elasticity is good. The appearance of the good sheep shearing products is vivid and clear, the color matching is bright, no obvious seams, the rough surface is flush, no big curls, no ribs. If you hold it gently with your hand, the good quality wool blanket feels full, full and elastic, and the wool fiber density is high.

2. Lamb blanket

Lamb velvet has natural hairy peaks, loose hair, smooth surface, smooth and smooth hand, easy to comb. The color is bright and the pattern is simple and natural.

3. Leather blanket

This type of wool blanket is usually trimmed according to its original shape, and the head, abdomen, limbs and tail cortex are loose and have a disfigured part, which is processed by tanning and dyeing. The overall quality of the leather blanket is fine and uniform, and the hair is uniform.

Cleaning method of sheep blankets

If the wool blanket is slightly contaminated, please use a clean towel to take a 1% concentration of special cleaning agent to gently wipe the contaminated area, and clean it with water in the same way, then dry it in time, comb with a comb if necessary.


  1. Avoid contact with sharp, rough objects and strong alkaline objects.
  2. Choose a cool and ventilated place to dry, completely dry before you can collect.
  3. The cabinet should be opened regularly during collection to ensure ventilation and keep it dry.
  4. In the hot and humid season, such as the rainy season, it should be dried several times to prevent mildew.